Saturday, August 29, 2009

Why do some people just need to complain?

Last night was the first high school football game of the season. The community is always very excited about the first game. It makes for a nice evening and a change for family and friends to see each other. My nephew is in his senior year so this year has a little more excitement for our family than normal.

My brother-in-law has an RV and made team signs to put on the RV. He is planning on bringing the RV to all football games (home and away) and tail-gating before the game. Which is a pretty cool idea.

Last night the RV was parked in the front row right in front of the stadium. Which was cool because everybody had to walk past the RV before going into the game. They all saw the signs and some every stopped and commented on it. However, there was one guy who complained that the RV can not be parked here and that it had to be moved. The guy even called the school and had the AD come out and say my brother-in-law could not park there. The RV was only taking up three parking spots and was a nice symbol of school spirit.

My guess was the RV was sitting on one of the three spots that this guy usually parks and he now could not park there.

So the RV will be at all future games just in a different spot. Maybe if we get there early enough we can park it in the end zone and watch the game from on top of the RV. I wonder if anybody would complain then. I'm guessing someone would.

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